Welcome to IonPeptides. Your best source for research chemicals and peptides.

The founders of IonPeptides spent most of the early 2000’s struggling to find suitable material to incorporate into their life science projects and experiments. With a background in science, they knew there had to be a better way to find the products needed for successful results. What they found was that if a company had a quality product, they would usually have poor or non existent customer service with outrageous prices. Other companies would have adequate customer service but would take weeks for delivery of a product that was sub par at best. What was the solution?

After years of planning and preparation, IonPeptides was established in 2009 to provide the highest quality products at reasonable prices all backed by honest and friendly customer support and fast shipping. Since our initial launch we have helped supply research material to private research facilities, universities and start up bio-tech companies all over the world. Our experience as previous buyers has taught us that saying you will do something is of little worth unless followed by action. After having stood the test of time our previous clients can tell you that it is our integrity that sets us apart. We are not interested in being the biggest company but rather the best company that you can turn to year after year.

We are excited to assist you and your organization in achieving your future goals. At IonPeptides, your success is our business!