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CJC-1295 with DAC 2mg


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CJC-1295 (without DAC) 2mg

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CJC-1259 without DAC, also known as Modified GRF (1-29), improves the synthesis of proteins by increasing amount of proteins and preventing natural degradation of muscle cells. It speeds up fat spitting process where lipids break down rapidly. It gives significant effect to burning body fat and achieving athletic body.

As it repairs damaged cells it can be used for recovery treatment that was caused by injury, thus the recovery will come faster. It is distinguished by a shortened synthetic form of its chain which is called Sermorelin. This modification helps to prevent cellular degradation and oxidation and makes muscular mass larger.

The difference between its close analog CJC-1259 with DAC is their half-life duration. Despite the CJC-1259 without DAC affects shorter (about 30 minutes) comparing its analog, it’s considered to be more natural as it produces a short pulse of Human Growth Hormone.

Course CJC1259 without DAC allows to obtain the following results:

 - increases endurance and muscle strength;

 - there is a clear increase in muscle volume due to the growth of muscle fibers;

 - the percentage of adipose tissue in the body is significantly reduced;

 - recovery of muscles and the body after intensive loads occurs in a shorter period of time;

 - strengthens the ligamentous apparatus, improves the condition of the joints;

 - bone density increases;

 - the elasticity of the epidermis increases, regenerates and rejuvenates the skin;

 - increases the body's resistance to adverse factors, the immune system becomes stronger;

 - normalize sleep and condition of the nervous system.

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