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Letrozole (2.5mg x 30ml)

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Letrozole is considered to be one of the most effective aromatase inhibitors that exist today. The main feature of Letrozole is to effectively block the enzymes of aromatase.

Letrozole is widespread and has become one of the irreplaceable products among bodybuilders. It is mainly used as an additional product in the steroid course, as Letrozole helps to reduce estrogen and testosterone levels if it is slightly elevated.All this explains the wide popularity of the product among bodybuilders.

The good things about Letrozole are:

 — Getting rid of gynecomastia at the very beginning of steroid use;

 — Prevention or rather significant reduction of negative phenomena associated with an increase of estrogen levels;

 — Preventing the development of catabolic processes in muscle tissues;

 — Increasing hormone production, including testosterone.

Another important function of Letrozole is that it helps to fight breast cancer. Letrozole is similar to Arimidex, also prescribed to fight progressive cancer cells. Daily intake of Letrozole leads to a decrease of estradiol concentration o, estrone and estrone sulfate in blood plasma by 75-95% of the initial content. Adjuvant Letrozole therapy of the early breast cancer reduces the risk of death and increases survival.

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