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Accadine 10 mg

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Accadine 10mg

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Accadine is a new SARM developed by American pharmaceutical company Acadia Pharmaceuticals. The action of Accadine is similar to testosterone, but without any harm to the internal organs of the body. After taking a course of the drug the PCT is not necessary, since there are no side effects.

As practice shows that four weeks of taking the product can give you 4-6 kg of lean muscle mass. In addition, it significantly increases endurance and other strength indicators. The right usage of this product doesn’t cause any side effects.

Benefits of the Accadine:

 - promotes rapid growth of dry muscle mass; does not retain fluid in the body;

 - does not change the hormonal background and does not affect the internal organs;

 - connection speeds up muscle protein;

 - there is a fat burning, without harmful effects on the body;

 - improves performance, endurance, strength, muscle power.

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