Refund and Replacement

Because of the regulations regarding of our products, and due to meet rigorous quality control standards of fragile nature of our products, we cannot accept returns. However, if you are delivered incorrect item we do accept returns. If you have issues with your product please contact us by email for assistance. We always work with you to find a solution which works best for you. We will take into consideration replacement or refund of your order except for rare occasions that your order arrives with missing or damaged items by not our fault as we don’t have the ability to monitor how products are handled when they are out of our care. Please note that we don't offer refunds or reshipments if you provide an invalid shipping address, or if you do not accept or pick up the order after failed delivery attempts. All orders are documented and photographed prior to shipping to avoid any fraudulent claims. By working with our customers, we are updating our service and making it better. For additional information please contact us.


You can cancel your order only prior the shipment. Once the item has left our premises you may not cancel your order. If your order has not shipped, please contact us at and we will quickly assist you with your request.

Ordering and Shipping

You may order from our website 24 hours of 7 days a week. After your order is submitted, approved, and payment is received, your order will be filled, properly packaged and shipped by a reliable and fast delivery service such as FedEx, EMS, and Airmail. We will contact you with details when your order has shipped. We offer free USA shipping on all orders over $100. Shipping will be automatically deducted during the checkout, as soon as the total amount reaches $100. Also, free shipping is calculated after any promo codes or discounts are applied. We offer a selective system of flat rate shipping fee which starts from $5 to anywhere in the world. So that you can choose shipping fee at the option. Also, we have constant rewards and discounts for our regular customers and for customers who purchase many items. You are responsible to know the laws of your country. Please research all peptides and research chemicals to ensure that they are legal for import prior to ordering. Once the order has left our premises we cannot be held responsible for customs. The customer is responsible to pay any additional taxes and import fees. All items sold, are legal for sale for research purposes only, in the USA and most countries around the world. All initial orders will be shipped to address as provided by the customer, and as a precaution that address will be automatically verified in our system to make sure it is valid. If address comes back as invalid, we will make further attempts to contact the customer and verify the information.


Please allow us an additional 24 hours from the time your order is processed to provide you with a tracking number and to register it to the database. All orders can be directly tracked within the account that you created upon making the purchase.


You can pay by your credit card such as Maestro and Visa, bank account, PayPal account, Discover network or by Bitcoin. We have a special discount for customers who prefer to pay by bitcoin. For more information and to claim your reward, click here. We offer both individual pricing and wholesale pricing. Please contact us by email for quantity discounts.

Service and Rewards

To access account privileges and its rewards please don’t forget to create a new account. By becoming our customer circle member, you will not miss our offer about our discounts, promos, and you can easily track your order and win special prizes on the regular basis. If you are already a member click here to access your discount.

Our customer service team values each deal with our customers and takes it as an opportunity to prove its service. As we put a priority on the relationship with our customers we are glad to assist our customers and look forward to future business with them. It is our goal on our website to create lifelong customers, and we do our best to make your shopping experience with us enjoyable. Each case is considered individually, and we will always work with our customers to find a solution which works best for them. By working with our customers, we are updating our service and making it better. For additional information please contact us.