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DMAA (50 mg x 30 ml)

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DMAA (short for 1,3 dimethylamylamine) is an organic compound. It is also known as 1,3 dimethylpentylamine, 1,3 methylhaxaneamine derivatives, Geranamine (geranium), and geranium oil/extract. DMAA is one of the most popular fat burners and power engineers. DMAA contains powerful thermogenic components and effective metabolic enhancers, allowing the body to safely dispose of excess calories and already accumulated fat. DMAA contains high quality guarana, green tea extract, 1,3-Dimethylamylamine and L-Carnitine. This product is a great stimulant and a popular ingredient in supplements that can help you gain muscle weight and helps to burn fat. DMAA can be chemically synthesized. DMAA also naturally exists in geranium plant oil (Pelargonium graveolens). Traditionally, this extract has been a valuable component in the perfume industry for a pleasant range of scents. DMAA is an effective stimulant of central nervous system and shows its maximum potential when used as a warm up before training and as a fat burner. DMAA increases blood pressure and the rate of heart rate depends on the dosage. This implies that DMAA is actually a vasoconstrictor. Blood flow restriction is an effective way to stimulate muscle hypertrophy with much less intensity. Using DMAA gives you following:

— activation of brain neurons;

— increasing tone of blood vessels;

— increasing lipolysis;

— increasing concentration and attention;

— improving mood;

— accelerating metabolism;

— increasing speed of the thinking process;

— increasing efficiency; — appetite suppression;

— increasing energy.

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