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Ketotifen Fumarate

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Ketotifen Fumarate (1mg x 30ml)

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Ketotifen Fumarate is used for asthma or allergic disease. It helps to relieve the symptoms such as itching eyes caused by allergic or seasonal conjunctivitis. Due to its antihistamine effect, it can minimize the secretion of histamine by adjusting a mast cell production that helps to control the natural substance. Its antiallergic properties act through an ability to inhibit the certain endogenous substances which leads to inflammation. The effect comes almost immediately after administering ketotifen fumarate and a complete breakdown of the drug is 12 hours. It is also an antagonist of several natural substances such as leukotriene and a phosphodiesterase and because of this, it can suppress the allergic type disorders in the body caused by exposures to an allergen or Platelet-Activating Factor. Thereby it can be is also used to treat the main pathology of asthma considering it as a non-bronchodilator antiasthmatic drug. It helps to handle airway hyperreactivity during asthma attacks. Along with this, it can be also used for allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, mastocytosis, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, allergic and nonallergic anaphylaxis, angioedema and urticaria treatment. You can buy Ketotifen Fumarate online on our website and we guarantee fast shipping to USA or UK and cheap prices.

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