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Tadalafil 30mg x 30ml

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Tadalafil is a substance to increase potency. Tadalafil’s generic name is Cialis. Current sexual health of men leaves much to be desired. Constant emotional stress, overwork, unbalanced diet, neglect of physical activity, passion for bad habits affect the potency. Approaching the middle age, most of the men notice changes associated with erectile function. There are problems with erection, early ejaculation, decrease of libido.

A healthy lifestyle, nutrition, physical activity - reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction, but a lot of men understand it too late. Impotence can be treated with medication. The positive effect of Tadalafil to the body is conditioned with the following processes. Getting into the body, the substance inhibits and destroys nitrogen oxide produced in the process of sexual arousal.

This leads to an increase of the level of cyclic guanosine monophosphate, which causes relaxation in the smooth muscle cells of the penis. The relaxation process promotes vasodilation and increases blood flow in the pelvis. Active blood supply provides an excellent natural erection. Tadalafil:

—  well-tolerated by the body;

—  suitable for men of all ages;

—  provides reliable assistance in the fight against erectile disorders;

—  does not affect reproductive function;

—  quickly acting; the effect lasts at least 35 hours.

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