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Tamoxifen Citrate 20mg x 30ml

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Tamoxifen citrate is an effective anti-estrogenic agent of non-steroidal nature. The main areas of its application are medicine and sports practice. In medicine, it is used to treat various diseases, in particular, oncological diseases. It also used to treat breast cancer. Tamoxifen is used mainly by athletes who uses anabolic and androgenic steroids. Here it is mainly used as an auxiliary anti-estrogenic agent to eliminate side effects of steroids. The need to buy Tamoxifen arises in almost all bodybuilders, since the overwhelming amount of anabolic steroids is subject of conversion of male hormones to female hormones or estrogens. Increased levels of estrogen in the blood increase the risk of a number of side effects of steroids, which calls feminization. Since 1998, Tamoxifen is prescribed to millions of women and men with a diagnosis of advanced hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. Often the development of breast cancer is due to the activity of the female hormone estrogen. Tamoxifen blocks estrogen receptors on the surface of cancer cells, which makes it impossible for estrogen to get into these cells, and cancer cells stop growing. This inhibits the further progression of cancer stimulated by this hormone. You can buy Tamoxifen citrate online on our website anytime at affordable prices and we guarantee fast shipping to USA, UK, Australia.

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