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Tongkat Ali (20:1 extract) 50mg/1ml

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Tongkat Ali is not a medicine, but a dietary Supplement. It contains biologically active compounds to regulate metabolism. Using Tongkat Ali will help your body to produce more testosterone. That will help to increase not only the sexual capabilities of men, but also his physical endurance and performance. Long-term use of the product leads to an increase of muscle mass.

The basis of the Supplement is Tongkat root. This plant is used in Malaysia to achieve an erection since ancient times. Even the ancient healers were treating erectile dysfunction with the help of a tincture of the root, increasing the potency, sexual desire and duration of sexual intercourse.

Long term usage of Tongkat Ali will improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs and reduces the risk of prostatitis, urethritis, infections of the genitourinary system. It stimulates the immune system and improves health. You should go with the course of this product because it doesn’t have an immediate effect as Viagra or Cialis. The result should appear only after a while, because you need to use the product for a month at least.

Benefits of Tongkat Ali:

- Increases and strengthens of potency;

- Improves and strengthens of erection; - Increases testosterone levels and seed formation;

- Eliminate premature ejaculation;

- Used as a treatment of prostatitis and adenoma;

- Preserve vitality after sexual intercourse.

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